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[FANACCOUNT] 120601 Super Junior at SM Building

Warning: This fanaccount is NOT 100% accurate, NOT everything happened in exact order. I only write down what I can remember. I’ll edit this fanaccount if I can remember certain details that I’ve missed out. There are some things that I can't explain in words, I apologize for that. My reason for writing this fanaccount is to share my experience with others. If you want to insult me, please do it somewhere else.

We stood at the side of the building, where the security guard was. We could see the back of the building and the carpark. After a few minutes of waiting, Shindong walked out from the back of the building, followed by Kangin. Kangin was wearing blue, and he still had his beard (he posted a picture of it on Twitter). It was my first time seeing Kangin in person, he’s so handsome. Hyukjae and Choco came out, and Leeteuk ran out shirtless (his shirt was hanging around his neck). LEADER IS SUCH A FUCKING TEASE. Hyukjae sat on the stairs facing his back to us. When he turned around and picked Choco up, we screamed. Choco is such a cute ball of fluff. Hyukjae running around and playing with Choco, it was really cute. Even Yesung came out and waved to us. He was wearing black. Kangin and Shindong walked back in. Hyukjae was still running around and playing with Choco. Everyone was screaming for Choco. ^^

Shindong and Kangin kept walking in and out of the building. When Kangin walked back in again, he ran his hand through his hair. He’s so gorgeous. Shindong and Kangin had no reaction when we called their names. If I’m not wrong, Kangin walked out of the building again. When Yesung walked back in, he extended his hand and tried to get Choco to follow him. Choco ran a little to Yesung, stopped and ran back to Hyukjae. She’s so cute. When Shindong tried to do the same thing, I could see his tattoo. I could also see his beard, that boy didn’t shave. Leeteuk walked back in with his shirt on, Kangin walked beside him. Kangin wore a blue cap. I literally screamed KangTeuk. Leeteuk turned, smiled and waved. Even Kangin turned to look at us. Hyukjae and Choco ran back inside.

When the boys were about to leave, Kangin came out first, followed by Kyuhyun. I screamed and waved so hard for Kyuhyun. He turned and waved back. He looked so cute in his light grey hoodie and black sweat pants. We went to the back, where Manager was waiting in the car. Because we were facing the back of the car, Kyuhyun had to face our direction to walk to the door. We called his name and waved. He waved back, such a precious boy. He was wiping the sweat on his neck and forehead with a towel. When he dried his hair with the towel, I fucking died. How can a nerd look so sexy? I love his fluffy hair. ♥ We stood at the side to make way for the car to reverse. When we saw him through the window, we waved. He waved back. Can he be any more precious? The car entered the other side, where we first stood and waited for the boys. The rest of the boys came out. Kangin already drove off in his white BMW (my favorite car brand). Sungmin was wearing his signature cap. We called his name and waved. He turned and waved back. He pointed to the back; I figured he was going to take another car (not the one Kyuhyun was in). Ryeowook just stood there and waited, he was wearing black. Sungmin and Ryeowook walked to the back, where another car was waiting. Yesung came out. Because we were facing the back of the car, Yesung had to face our direction to walk to the door. We called his name and waved. He looked up, waved at us and got into the car. Hyukjae and Choco came out. When they were coming down the stairs, Hyukjae picked Choco up and got into the same car. We stood at the side to make way for the car to reverse. I obviously stood at the side where Kyuhyun sat. Kyuhyun sat in front, beside Manager. Yesung sat behind Manager, and Hyukjae sat behind Kyuhyun. Because the back windows were heavily tinted, we couldn’t see Yesung and Hyukjae. We called for Kyuhyun and waved to him through the front window. Kyuhyun was talking on the phone, but he still waved back. We realized that the window was rolled down a little bit, so he probably heard us calling his name. After the car drove off, we were about to leave. When we heard people screaming again, we ran back. I asked someone who came out of the building, and she said it was Donghae. We ran to the back, where the other car was. We didn’t see Donghae. The car was already about to drive off. Leeteuk sat in front, beside Manager. He rolled down the window a little bit and waved. Someone sitting behind Leeteuk waved using his iPhone, we didn’t know who it was because the windows were heavily tinted.

Others: We saw Kai coming out of the car and entering the building. I didn’t know it was Kai because I can’t recognize the EXO boys, until someone told me. We also saw Amber entering the building. She looks really small, like a mini-Donghae. We called her name and waved. She waved back.

Tip: If you’re going to visit SM Building for Super Junior, ALWAYS look out for huge white KIA cars, or the cars that the boys drive.

We didn’t take any pictures or fancams, because it happened so fast. I also heard that we’re not allowed to take any pictures or fancams at SM Building, but some fans did it anyway. Fangirling in Seoul is so different. Fans don’t cross the line to touch their idols. We only get close enough to see them, call their names and wave at them. And that is enough.
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